With your bike on tour in Upper Austria

Danube Bike Path

It is a must for bikers: A biking holiday on the Danube Biking Path. Why is this classic so timelessly enticing?


To the Danube Bike Path

Salzkammergut Bike Path

Mountains, lakes, world cultural heritage, imperial flair. That's what awaits bikers on a biking holiday on the Salzkammergut Bike Path.

To the Salzkammergut Bike Path

Inn Bike Path

The Inn Bike Path follows the river that represents the border between Upper Austria and Bavaria. A biking tour through riparian forests and Baroque cities.

Biking along the Inn

Through the land of hammers

Biking where blacksmiths' hammers used to thud. The Ennstal Bike Path between "Black Counts" and the national park.

Biking along the Enns

Biking through the Mühlviertel

The Mühlviertel Bike Path leads from the Danube to the Czech border and back again. A biking tour through a country of granite.

Discover the Mühlviertel

Biking tour to ancient Rome

A biking tour that is also a journey through time. The Römer Bike Path leads from Passau via Wels to Enns - and into ancient times.

Bike to the Romans

Almtal Bike Path R11

The Almtal Bike Path leads you from Wels via Eberstalzell, Pettenbach and Scharnstein through Grünau in the Almtal to the ...

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