Hiking trail around the Dachstein

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The Dachstein forms an amazing highlight at this hiking trail. You discover the mountainworld in 8 daily stages.´(special hint: Offers are available, which include luggage-transfer between the cabins)

The Dachstein, although it cannot technically call itself one of the "3000 metre peaks" (actual height 2995m), is the second highest peak in the northern chalky alps. It has become particularly famous since 1997 when UNESCO added the Dachstein region, along with Hallstatt and the Inner Salzkammergut to its list of World Heritage sites.

The Dachstein Hiking Tour follows existing marked paths, but there are additional sign-posts which indicate where you need to join a different route at various intersections along the way. The 8 daily stages equate to around 4-6 hours of normal-speed walking.

The route begins at Gosau at the foot of the Gosaukamm (mountain range) and leads to Ramsau on the south side of the Dachstein. From here you hike via the glacier eastwards to the Guttenberghaus and onwards to the Stoderzinken. Following the foot steps of the ancient pilgrims to the north we reach the Salzkammergut. We follow the river Traun on even footpaths as we wend our way through the Salzkammergut.

Overview of the 8 stages:

1. Gosausee - Hofpürgl Lodge
via the Austriaweg at the foot of the Gosaukamm, to the Hofpürgl Lodge below the Bischofsmütze

2. Hofpürgl Lodge - Dachstein soutz Face Lodge
along the Linzerweg and Pernerweg - always under the spell, so to speak, of the Dachstein's south face.

3. Dachstein South Face Lodge - Hunerkogl - Guttenberg House
"expedition" across the glacier to the rocky south face of the Dachstein

4. Gutenberg House - Stoderzinken
across the high pastures alongside the Dachstein, to the summit of the Stoderzinken - a magnificent view-point.

5. Stoderzinken - Bad Mitterndorf
through the Notgasse, Biehbergalm and remote peaks to the Steinitzenalm or Bad Mitterndorf

6. Salzkammergut - Hallstatt
easy walking alongside the stream: moors, karst springs, quiet forest lakes, then via the Salzkammerweg to Hallstatt

7. Hallstatt - Bad Goisern
on the "Brine Trail" above the Hallstatt valley and the Hallstättersee (lake) to Bad Goisern. Stunning alpine scenery and views of the glacier.

8. Bad Goisern - Gosau
steep pathways via the Goisererhütte to Gosau

Characteristics of the Dachstein Hiking Tour:

•It is always easy to get your bearings, as you make your way along natural (no asphalt or concrete), unspoilt trails and paths around the Dachstein!

•Varying altitudes from 780 m to 2700 m above sea level.

•Unspoilt, diverse landscapes - from valley floors to vast glaciers.

•Camping out in mountain huts and lodges offering panoramic views of the region.

Mountain rescue: 140

Tour and route information

Starting place: 4824 Gosau
Starting point: lake "Vorderer Gosausee"
Destination: 4824 Gosau
Destination: lake "Vorderer Gosausee"
Panoramic view:
Duration: 45 hours
Length: 127.062 km
Metres of altitude: 13209m
Lowest point: 496m
Highest point: 2671m

Paths covering:

Hiking trail

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Österreichischer Alpenverein - Sektion Bad Goisern

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Altitude profile: Hiking trail around the Dachstein


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4824 Gosau
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Lake Gosau

4824 Gosau
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You can park your car at the free parking area at the lake "Vorderer Gosausee". From there, you walk on the way nr. 611 or the way nr. 601 towards to the Hofpürglhut.

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