/ The Ennstal Bike Path following the traces of the "Black Counts"

The Ennstal Bike Path following the traces of the "Black Counts"

In in the iron valley of the Enns

The power of water, the fuel value of fire wood and the raw material iron. This combination made the Upper Austrian Enns Valley to the first centre of preindustrial iron working. The power or the calves, the fuel value of regional specialties and a bike – not necessarily made of iron – carry bikers through the valley nowadays. On the Ennstal Bike Path.


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The sporty tour along the Ennstal Bike Path is a bike trip into one of the most history-laden valleys of the country, into the “Valley of the Forges”. The Enns was the transport route for the iron of the Erzberg. For this reason, there were numerous forges along the river to work the valuable raw material. Their owners became wealthy and people called them the “Black Counts”. Near Altenmarkt, bikers on the Ennstal Bike Path coming from Styria reach Upper Austria.

Through Upper Austria’s wildly romantic southeast, you travel along the Enns to Weyer. The wealth from working iron has left its mark on the look of the town. In Großraming, you should visit the Carriage Museum, and a stop should be planned to visit the National Park’s Visitor Centre. The “Wunderwelt Waldwildnis” (World of wonders: Forest wilderness) exhibition reveals lots of secrets of the Kalkalpen National Park.

On the way to the north, the bikes roll towards Losenstein and Ternberg. The traces left by iron are also evident here – in Losenstein on the “Path of the Nailers” and in Ternberg in the “Valley of the Feitlmacher”. The Ennstal Bike Path leads via Garsten to the Romantic city of Steyr, where the urban architecture arose in various styles over hundreds of years. Lastly, it’s time to get back on the saddle, since the last section still lies ahead, towards Enns, the oldest city in Austria. Here, the Enns flows into the Danube, and the bike path is also connected to the Danube Bike Path.