/ The Inn Bike Path follows the border between Upper Austria and Bavaria

The Inn Bike Path follows the border between Upper Austria and Bavaria

The river bike path for people who cross borders

The Inn forms the border between Upper Austria and Bavaria. Coming from far-away Switzerland, it flows its last kilometres before emptying into the Danube in Passau. Its loyal companion, also in Upper Austria: The Inn Bike Path.

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The Inn Bike Path follows the river from its origin in Maloja to its discharge into the Danube in Passau. Over the section in Upper Austria, natural gems in the form of lush green riparian forests, but also historical cities await bikers. The discharge of the Salzach into the Inn is where bikers arrive in Upper Austria on the Inn Bike Path. And that means that they are already in the Unterer Inn European Reserve: This Bavarian-Upper Austrian natural reserve extends for 55 kilometres downstream.

Around the Inn reservoirs, a natural landscape with islands and riparian vegetation has been preserved. More than 300 species of birds nest over a 5,500-hectare area. The lovely cities and towns were once influenced by the salt trade on the Inn: First, Braunau, followed by Obernberg with its defensive fort. The religious centre of the region is the Reichersberg Augustine Canon Monastery. The Baroque monastery lies impressively on a plateau above the Inn.

A stop at the Geinberg Thermal Baths brings relaxation and new power, since the highlight is still to come. A true feast for the eyes is namely Baroque Schärding with its wonderful façades, especially along the “Silberzeile” (Silver Road). In Passau, the Inn Bike Path comes to an end, but for real fans of biking along rivers, it is possible to continue on the Danube Bike Path. By the way: The Inn Bike Path is well developed over long distances on both river banks and it is possible to cross the border at several points.