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/ Barrier-free holidays in Upper Austria

Barrier-free holidays in Upper Austria

The leisure-time planning assistance for people with handicaps

Holiday and leisure time, that means days of relaxation and enjoyment. That is especially true for people with handicaps. But which hotels are really suited for wheelchairs? Which excursion destination is absolutely accessible? We offer planning assistance for a barrier-free holiday in Upper Austria.

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Upper Austria excites its guests with a great variety of different landscapes. With the support of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber’s Department for Tourism and Leisure Industry, the Upper Austrian Tourism Board has set a goal to create a guideline so that people who are disabled can fully enjoy this array of natural wonders on their holidays.

Here, you will find a collection of information for a holiday in Upper Austria without hurdles. Lots of accommodations all over the province have subjected themselves to a strict inspection regarding their accessibility for the handicapped. All of them, from private pensions to four-star hotels, do their best to offer the ideal holiday environment for people with handicaps.

A number of leisure time activities also provide entertainment and make sure that you’re not bored on your holiday. In addition, there is a list of Upper Austrian services, like wheelchair rentals, transfers, guides and travel agencies, with special offers for handicapped people.