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/ The lakes, the river, the city

The lakes, the river, the city

Upper Austria, a mosaic of fascinating holiday regions

What do the Salzkammergut, the Danube and Linz have in common? Right! They are all in Upper Austria. They are pieces of a puzzle that reveal the overall image of Upper Austria when put together. And if only one piece were missing... One dreads to even think about it.

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What makes Upper Austria what it is? Is it its highest mountain, the Dachstein? Is it its largest lake, Lake Atter? Is it the ribbon of the Danube? Or its pulsating metropolis of Linz? Answering this question is impossible, since each of these highlights is absolutely typical for Upper Austria, which as a whole is the proud sum of its parts.

The Valley of the Danube

The Danube is definitely one of the big names amongst the rivers in Europe. On its path from west to east, it also crosses Upper Austria and puts on a couple of excellent performances. The panorama of the Donauschlinge in Schlögen is one of the images of Upper Austria that really makes an impression. Lots of towns and cities on the Danube have attained evident wealth from trading and shipping on the river. But let’s not forget the towpaths that served for pulling ships upstream and enjoy popularity today as the Danube Bike Path.

Linz, the cultural capital

Directly on the Danube lies the provincial capital of Linz, the historically established centre of Upper Austria as well as its cultural metropolis. In 2009, Linz decorated itself with the title “European Capital of Culture”. And it’s true: Culture takes on every form imaginable here: In museums like the glass Lentos Art Museum, the Ars Electronica Center or the voestalpine Stahlwelt. Regarding music, for instance at the Bruckner House, the concert hall at the heart of the Donaupark. And, on the stage, especially starting in 2013, when the curtain rises for the first time in at the new Music Theatre.

Mountains and lakes in the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut is definitely the cradle of tourism in Upper Austria. Even more than 100 years ago, the imperial court and the artists and celebrities that followed them enjoyed themselves here. Today, people take holidays instead of summer breaks. The fascination of the Salzkammergut has remained, though. What is special about this region? Nowhere else do mountains and lakes come together so charmingly. The way the Traunstein steeply drops to Lake Traun is unique. The way Hallstätter Lake lies at the foot of the Dachstein – never achieved elsewhere. And originals that can’t be found anywhere else are also the people in the Salzkammergut.