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/ Free riding in Upper Austria

Free riding in Upper Austria

Skiing where the slope stops

30 kilometres of the finest deep snow with powder varieties deluxe. A whopping 1,500 metres of altitude difference from the mountain to the valley station. And an eleven-kilometre long, groomed slope down into the valley? The Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein - or the "Stoa", as it is loving called by locals - was not chosen as a hot sport for the free riding scene because of its beautiful view.

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Where does the adventure of skiing begin? Maybe where the groomed slopes stop and powder snow begins? Free riding, skiing on ungroomed slopes, is reserved for the experts amongst the skiers. And for those who know how to act in any snow situation. Maybe it’s this exclusivity that gives this form of skiing its mysterious aura of something special and extraordinary. Upper Austria can show off with the ski region on the Krippenstein in the Salzkammergut as a hot spot for free riders, since there’s a lot of fun at 2,000 metres above sea level.



The simply endless white expanses of the Dachstein Plateau provide slopes with catchy names: Schönberg, Angeralm, Imisl and Eisgrube. Passionate free riders on skis and snowboards flock to them to prove their expertise. But what if the skis should stay on groomed slopes? No problem. With the longest slope in the East Alps, even “normal” skiers will get their money’s worth on the Krippenstein.