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/ I know what you'll do this summer

I know what you'll do this summer

The many faces of the warm season in Upper Austria

Feeling the warm summer wind in Upper Austria blow against your face can have several reasons. Is it the headwind on a bike ride that tickles your nose? Is it the gentle breeze that caresses your cheeks as you're on horseback? Or the stiff breeze that fills the sails and propels the boat across the lake? It is simply the perspective that determines your summer happiness in Upper Austria.

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You see that taking advantage of summer in Upper Austria in different ways is not difficult. On one day, a biking tour along a river, and then back up the mountain on a mountain bike. On another day, you can “saddle” your road bike and hit the gas.

We can take a pleasant hike to a cosy meadow today, conquer a peak tomorrow and easily circle the lake in the valley. Whilst some set their sails and cruise across the water, others dive to see the water’s surface from below. And others are looking for speed on a lake and to unpack their kites or water skis. And then we, of course, have those who use the lakes in a classic way – for bathing.

Not without my animal companion, say the riders. A trip on horseback across the land, over hill and dale, over rough and smooth. Trail riding? Carriage rides? Riding for beginners? No horse in Upper Austria remains unsaddled.

The golf ball is your globe? Then Upper Austria is a rewarding destination. Your holiday would have to last 28 days for you to play all the courses in the province. The most beautiful time of the year unfortunately doesn’t normally last that long, though...