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/ Nutrition for your body and mind

Nutrition for your body and mind

Upper Austrian holiday joy for the whole year

There are some things that are always "in season" in Upper Austria. Culture and customs for example. Or enjoying the typical culinary treats, ranging from roasts and dumplings to beer and cider. Or a health-related or wellness holiday. Because all of us like to be fit and look good...

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Culture is what makes people who they are, so it’s something like mental nutrition. And there is a lot of culture on offer in Upper Austria, irrespective of the time of year. In the spring and summer, people enjoy culture, sometimes even outdoors. Upper Austria’s festivals all over the province unfurl a series that ranges from Baroque operas and operettas to musicals with great voices in front of Linz’s cathedral. In the winter, it is more opulent and down-to-earth. Then the “Glöckler” and “Krampus” run though the streets. There’s the smell of gingerbread in the air and the Christmas market celebrates its holiday at its location in Steyr.

What culture is for your mind, is what a wellness and health-related holidays are for your body. In the spring, it’s recommendable to take such a holiday to combat the laziness of winter and start the warm season off fresh. Then it’s time for lots of fun at thermal baths, since summer is for swimming. And in the autumn and winter, it’s time to arm your body against the cold and get your immune system going.

Depending on what a season offers us, the culinary treats that are served in the Gourmet Country of Upper Austria vary. In summer, the dishes are light and lively. The vegetables for crisp salads grow in local fields. The fresh fish was perhaps still swimming in a lake yesterday. The autumn brings specialties like pumpkins, game and St Martin’s geese. And, in the winter, it’s time for a classic roast with dumplings and cabbage, just like it’s supposed to be. Bon appétit!