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/ Service / The climate in Upper Austria

The climate in Upper Austria

Long-term annual average temperature and precipitation levels

Upper Austria is located in the temperate climate zone. Warm summers alternate with moderately cold winter months.

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The long-term average air temperature in Upper Austria is 9.6 degrees Celsius. The warmest region in Upper Austria is the Linzer Becken and the central region between the cities of Linz, Wels and Steyr. Towards the southern mountainous regions, the average temperature steadily decreases. At an altitude of 2,000 metres, the average temperature is 1 degree Celsius.

The average annual rainfall in Upper Austria is 898 mm. The driest regions can be found in the Mühlviertel in the northern part of the state and in the Eferdinger Becken. Due to the natural geographical barrier to the north, rainfall increases significantly in the mountainous regions of southern Upper Austria. At an altitude of over 1,500 metres, precipitation amounts to about 2,000 mm and falls mainly as snow in the winter months.