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/ The many faces of Upper Austria

The many faces of Upper Austria

The city, the mountains, the lakes, the great river, and eternal granite

Upper Austria is known for its diverse landscapes. Mountains and lakes, the Danube valley with the provincial capital of Linz - Upper Austria's holiday destinations each show a typical face of their own.

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From west to east, the Danube crosses all of Upper Austria. Densely wooded river banks, the double loop of the Schlögener Schlinge (Schlögen Danube loop), shady riparian forests. The great river of Europe reinvents itself time and time again. Linz, Upper Austria's provincial capital, lies on the banks of the Danube. The city is a successful symbiosis of industry and green recreational areas. This enhances the quality of life and sparks the creativity of a lively cultural scene. The granite highlands of the Mühlviertel are located north of the Danube. Its ranges of hills rise steadily all the way to the border with the Czech Republic. These natural conditions spur the sporting spirit and allow unforeseen panoramic views. In the south, Upper Austria reaches as far as the alpine regions. The Salzkammergut is known far beyond its borders as a region of mountains and lakes. After all, even the Emperor felt the particular touch of joy of life when he spent his summers here. The mountains also play a leading role in the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region. With their vast mountain pastures and inviting cabins, they are an athletic challenge and a place of peace and recreation at the same time.