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/ Tips for culinary treats in Upper Austria's skiing areas

Tips for culinary treats in Upper Austria's skiing areas

A good meal is half the swing

It is a well-known phenomenon: Right around lunchtime, skiers start to notice a faint rumbling sound in their stomach region. Your body is telling you that it is time to stop for a break. But where to go? What are the best huts in the skiing regions of Upper Austria?

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You shouldn't exercise winter sports too excessively so that the search for a cabin becomes a matter of life or death. However, in the midst of the skiing area Hochficht there is "the survival Inn". Blunzengröstl (Austrian dish with black pudding and potatoes) and other hearty meals from the regional cuisine are being served there.  The snack menu also offers a preserved house specialty: Meat from a jar. 

You are lucky when hunger gets you on the pistes of the Kasberg. The Sonnalm Jagerspitz attracts wine conaisseurs with a well assorted wine cellar in a cave. A first class culinary address on the Kasberg is the Hochberghaus situated directly on the piste. The Hochberghaus is particulalrly famous for its "Alp skillets", hearty meals served fresh in the skillet.

If you rush down fun pistes, you will need extra strength and persistance. Bumpy pistes, race tracks with time keeping, fun parks - in the Skiing region Dachstein West around Gosau you will hit the ground. The typical Gemütlichkeit of the Salzkammergut is pampered here in the cabins. A good example is the Rottenhofhütte, where meat and cheese come from the own farm in the valley.

Regional ingredients, international staff. This is the motto of the Gjaidalm in the Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein.The ingredients are mostly organically grown. Only the chef has travelled from a distance. He was catapulted to the high Alpine mountain world of Krippensteins from Nepal.

One of the oldest ski mountains is the Feuerkogel. One specialty on the menu of the Mountain Inn Edelweiss (Edelweisshütte) dates back to the beginnings of the skiing business. Its story is about a noble lady who had found herself “stranded” in the rather simple Mountain Inn Edelweiss at the time. For her, the patron created a variation on Kaiserschmarrn: Baked in a pan in one piece with a spread of self-picked cranberries and well sugared. The Tuchentzipf had been born.

Traditional family recipies - no question, that is somethig worth while on the ski cabin. The pistes however are modern in Höss in Hinterstoder. On the Hössalm more than 1,800 metres above sea level, homemade Kalbsbeuscherl is served along with a view of the wintery Totes Gebirge.