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/ What should we do in Upper Austria?

What should we do in Upper Austria?

A treasure chest of ideas for an exciting holiday...

Holiday in Upper Austria is always "in season". In the summer, bikers and riders on horseback take to the plains, whilst hikers and mountain bikers head for the mountains and people looking for aquatic sports for the lakes and rivers. In the winter, snow rules the country and entices its people, skiers, cross-country skiers and winter hikers, to visit it. And then there are year-round leisure activities, ranging from relaxing at thermal baths or health resorts and the lively cultural life to the culinary exhibitions into the Gourmet Country of Upper Austria.

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A summer in Upper Austria combines all sorts of holidaymakers under its sun. We have the leisurely biker, who likes to travel along rivers or round lakes. And the somewhat ambitious mountain biker, who likes to earn his or her arrival at the top with a little sweat. A mountain biker may share the same goal, but not the same manner for travelling the path upwards as the hiker. The rider only trusts his or her faithful horse on the trail through the country, the yachtsman, on the other hand, the wind, the golfer his or her skills for a round of golf.

Similar is the winter, which wraps Upper Austria in a blanket of snow – and therefore provides all types of sportsmen with the basis of their enjoyment. We have the skier, who has seven ski regions to choose from. The cross-country skier, who moves quickly over the landscape of snow with lots of endurance. And we shouldn’t forget the off-slope skiers and show shoe hikers on a quest for the solitude of nature.

That just leaves the “year-round programme”. There is always a reason for a health-themed holiday. The programmes range from waking up from winter’s sleep to being fit in the winter at the thermal baths and health hotels. The culture on offer in Upper Austria oscillates between summer cultural festivals to impressive Christmas markets and customs in the winter. And then we have the different treats from the Gourmet Land of Upper Austria on the table, depending on the season.