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/ Where to go in Upper Austria?

Where to go in Upper Austria?

Upper Austria's holiday regions introduce themselves

Where should the trip be to? Into the Salzkammergut, to the Danube or to the Mühlviertel? Upper Austria cannot take this difficult decision for its guests. But, if we're honest, what is more wonderful than the anticipation and selection of a holiday destination?

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You have the choice between the mountains and lakes of the Salzkammergut in the south of Upper Austria. The holiday regions around the Kalkalpen National Park with its well-forested mountain ridges. Gently rolling hills, large areas of fields and the abundant “Vierkanthöfe” (farm houses) that are typical in Upper Austria characterise the Alpine foothills. The Valley of the Danube crosses the province like a blue ribbon from west to east. To the north are the gently rolling hills of the Mühlviertel, that rise up to the granite heights of the Bohemian Forest.

All of these regions have their own character. People have been influenced by these different landscapes for generations, just like their customs and traditions. Whilst the Salzkammergut - nomen est omen - was formed by salt mining operations, the valleys of Krems, Enns and Steyr further to the east were marked by forges. The individual parts of Upper Austria are also a stage for the various leisure activities, ranging from cultural excursions and health-themed holidays to outdoor sports. Hikers appreciate the mountains and meadows in the Salzkammergut and around the Kalkalpen National Park as well as the Mühlviertel or the Danube Valley. Bikers follow the rivers and ride around the lakes. Culture fans appreciate the lively festival scene that is represented in all the regions of the province. So there should be something for everyone, right?