Four young people on the banks of Lake Langbath in Upper Austria, with the mountains of the Salzkammergut in the background. The dark-haired woman sits with two bearded guys in the green meadow between the trees; beside them is a cloth with four fish skewers and slices of bread. The blonde woman is just coming out of the lake to join the others.

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By bicycle and on foot to enjoyment on the Danube

The Danube in Upper Austria

Schlögener Schlinge, cultural capital, Austria's only Trappist monastery.  A journey along the Danube through Upper Austria.
The Danube in Upper Austria

The Danube Bike Path

A classic amongst bike paths - the Danube Bike Path.  Nowhere will you find such a concentration of  monasteries, forts and culture.
To the Danube Bike Path

The Donausteig

Hiking along the river.  The 450-kilometre Donausteig from Passau to Grein.  A tour into the legendary realm of the Danube.  
To the Donausteig

Hotels and motels

Find all hotels and motels here along the Danube in Upper Austria!
Hotels and motels along the Danube